You're a Pro.

Minus Standard has no time limit and is nearly full-featured. Start here.
  • Standard Task Bar
  • Standard Desktop Environment
  • Standard Distraction Warnings
  • Standard Calendar Alerts
  • Standard Settings
Minus Pro is an annual subscription that unlocks every feature and benefit in Minus.app.
  • Unlocks All Features
  • Automatic Updates
  • Advanced Features
  • Advanced Settings
  • Technical Support
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Pricing Questions

How do I get Minus Pro?
Simply download and install Minus.app. Open Settings, go to Miscellaneous > Pro. Click 'Upgrade to Minus Pro'. Immediately after payment, your software will be upgraded. Minus uses sign-in licensing eliminating fussy serial numbers.
Do I need Minus Pro?
Perhaps. Some of the deep aspects of Minus.app require a Pro subscription. Inside Minus.app, where possible, we have added a small 'Pro' label next to the features requiring Minus Pro. To unlock your full productivity potential we recommend the Minus Pro upgrade.
Does Minus Standard have a time limit?
No. We hope Minus improves your work for the rest of time.
Do you offer team discounts?
Yes. Minus can help provide extra focus and productivity to your whole team or entire company. One of our specialists can assist you. Please get in touch when you are ready.
I already have a subscription, how do I apply my license to a new Mac?
Minus uses sign-in licensing so there are no serial numbers to fuss with. Open Minus Settings, go to Miscellaneous > Pro. Click 'Retrieve Subscription'. Follow the on-screen instructions. Your software will be immediately licensed.
How do I cancel my Minus Pro subscription?
Activate Minus.app, open Settings, go to Miscellaneous > Pro. Click 'Manage Subscription'. This will launch the Stripe subscription system. Follow the instructions to cancel.
If I cancel my subscription, how much will I be refunded?
You payment will be fully prorated. The Stripe subscription system will calculate a refund based on how many days you've used Minus Pro. The refund will be sent to your original credit card.


Patrick Riley
Minus Pro is one of the first apps I install on new Macs. It solves a few different productivity problems we have."
Lola Stevens
I needed Minus 10 years ago! 🤦🏽
Brooke Alexander
"Yes I'm happy to comment because I use Minus everyday. It has saved me a few times already. I feel like I'm only using half of it though."
Philip Harrison
"Steep learning but straight-forward once up and running. Thank you for making this!!!"
Martin Knight
"It's harder to use my Mac now without Minus. I didn't realize the compromises I was making."
Alex Ward
"Minus Task Bar is the missing layer of OmniFocus . Seriously been a game changer for my system."

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